About Us

After the pandemic of 2020 and the after effects still lingering now in 2021, I was one of millions of people around the world suffering from stress and anxiety.

The pandemic was not only a threat to our health but also our mental health. From businesses closing, job losses, and financial stress through to caring for and homeschooling children during such a major event it was not surprising that many people felt their stress levels rise.

I created The Stressless Mind to offer people a way to reduce the impact of stress. Stress will always be a part of our lives but there are ways to manage it and avoid the negative impacts of it such as burnout.

There are simple, easy to do strategies that can help you to reduce stress, achieve happiness and find your inner peace. I gathered together the resources that I found helpful in times of stress during the pandemic and have them here, easily accessible to you, for you to use at any times of stress in your life.  

The ebooks, guides and cheat sheets are bundled together in an 8 Module course covering how to calm your mind to improve your health as well as the power of mindfulness and meditation. 

The Stressless Mind 8 module course is effective and affordable and, once purchased, you’ll have lifetime access to these life changing resources. Click here to purchase now and don’t forget to check out our other free informative articles covering everything to help you combat stress.

I hope that the resources my team and I have put together are successful in helping your mind to stress less.


Jillian McDonald

Founder of The Stressless Mind

Jillian McDonald